Sanity while managing multiple kids and work

26 July 2021

Sanity while managing multiple kids and work

For many parents, online learning is a challenge. Your kids turn out to need more hands on attention than you expected, everyone wants to snack all the time, and on top of it all, you might be trying to complete your own work from home! What about if you have multiple young children who all need support and guidance throughout their school day?

Deputy Principal (P-6) Jo Fahey has some few tips to help you manage your classroom at home and regain control!

Juggling multiple responsibilities in online learning


1. Plan ahead

Before the day begins, sit with each child to see what the day will look like for each one. With multiple children there could be Zoom meetings scheduled at various times. Write a schedule for when these are so that you can know what’s coming throughout the day. 

2. Only adhere to what is time sensitive

When you have an idea of what is happening and when, you will know which parts of the day are the time-sensitive, non-negotiable aspects of the schedule. Anything else can be moulded to suit each child’s schedule (as well as your own). 

3. Prioritise literacy and numeracy

Things don’t always go to plan, and we can all get screen fatigue. Having planned your day before school, work towards your child prioritising English and Maths work to be completed, then work through the other activities as you are all able. 

4. Get help 

Technology is the very tool that enables us to complete school online. But it can be temperamental and sometimes unreliable. Don't hesitate to contact the school’s IT team if tech is making you tear your hair out! They are more than happy to assist you.

Also, if it feels overwhelming, let your child’s teacher know. An important part of our partnership in education is hearing the challenges and trying to work through them together. 

5. Remember: teaching was not your intended profession!

Parents have it tough right now! You are juggling your own work and assisting with online learning. Be kind to yourself, and your children. Having a daily schedule planned out will allow you to be strategic with your timing and regain control of your day. 


Jo Fahey

Deputy Principal (P-6)